Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics is web-based analytics service that provides digital signage content distributors and retailers with insight into advertising consumption and consumer behavior. It collects anonymous audience data like gender, age group and attention time from the digital signage.

The effectiveness of your digital signage can be easily analyzed using descriptive diagrams and graphs from the statistics dashboard in your personal account. The statistics can be checked online anytime and anywhere as required by your client. This will give a better understanding of their customers’ behaviors to help them adjust and optimize selling strategies that offers a superior shopping experience for customers.

Our Analytics helps our clients in organizing their in-store communication in the most effective way. It spots the busiest areas, analyzes foot traffic and customer demographics throughout the day, find out customers’ preferred routes and products and use this knowledge to grow their business.

foot traffic and age and gender
how many people viewed
targeted ads in real time
real time statistics
audience analytics

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