Yes, client communication with server is SSL based and all the traffic is sent over HTTPS. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. We also have various access control mechanism through which you can restrict user access to certain features. Further Wauly POD does not allow you to feed data on to the device.

No! Internet connection is only needed when you need to update any content on the display or editing playlist, change the settings and so on. The contents edited will be saved on the Cloud System, which will be automatically downloaded on to your local device, to play from there on your screen in an offline mode.

Yes. You can make a schedule for your playlist which plays whole day. You have the facility to set the start and end time of your playlists. Also you can set the lifetime and duration of every item of the content in your playlists and browse your scheduling on the convenient time line.

Yes, there is an analytics section for your account.  You can view complete data regarding number of playbacks, total time and so on for both the content and the screens. You can also export the entire data in excel sheet for the records.

Yes, we do support multi-user access. You can manage the level of access to be given to the user.

Yes. Most of popular formats are supported by our digital signage software. You can add the HTML5 content into your account and use it along with the images or videos in your playlists to improve an interactive experience of your audience.

Wauly supports IPTV video streams in your personal account. You can easily add a streaming video link, whether it is IPTV or your own video broadcast along with schedule time and duration of your broadcast.

Yes, it does Support RSS feeds and also other Social Media Widgets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Yes! A user can play multiple content on the same screen. They can play both video and static content. They can also set the duration of the static content in the playlist.

Yes.  Wauly also allows you to put together a set of screens under one batch. Once you have created multiple batches, you can put exclusive content in each batch.

Yes, we help you choose the best solution for your digital needs.

Wauly is one solution for small as well as large network projects. It can operate thousands of screens. The number of displays can be linked together & made to deliver feature rich content at the same time.

It is preloaded with support for all major file formats which includes Standard image formats such as jpeg, png, gif etc.; Video formats from basic mpeg1, mpeg4; Audio formats such as mp3, wave, wma, and so on. It supports scalable resolutions including full HD.

There is a lot more we can do for your business.