Most Secure Digital Signage Solution For Public Display Screens

Cloud Based Digital Signage

At Wauly we understand the importance of security when it comes to Digital Signages placed in Retail and OOH Locations. That’s why we have to build a very robust 12 Layer Security Feature to protect your screens from potential hacks and breaches. It’s also a very versatile system that works on screens of any type & size: LCD TV, LED TV, active videowalls.

Wauly provides 12 Layer Security for your Digital Signage

Go Secure.
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Why Wauly is great for you?


Works on any type of TV, Outdoor LED wall, touch screen and display devices.


Very cost efficient, low on asset cost and has multiple subscription models.


Support vertical and horizontal orientation.


It is absolutely secure and isolates accountability.


Absolutely simple and friendly user interface


Flexibility of having unlimited users and choice of giving them selective access


You can add any media file and group them into one playlist.


Create your own template of multiple feeds.

You can also command the system to loop a playlist. You can additionally Order & Reorder the playing position of any media file in a jiffy and lots more…

Get More out of your Wauly

Menu Board Management

Get your own exclusive dashboard with your logo and colors. Customize for your clients or you own company.

Audience Analytics

Web-based analytics service that provides digital signage content distributors & retailers with insight into consumer behavior.

Multi-Social Media Feed

Create multiple feeds on your screen & play specific content from the playlist, social media, weather or any other feed.

Video LiveFeed

Keep a track of whats playing and how often, across all your screens. Display and download parked reports when needed

Queue Management

Choose the length of playtime for your image files and playlists and preview them anytime.

Way finding

Assist commuters with wayfinding in large stations, airports or malls, along with interactive advertising campaigns.

News Feed Integration

Show the latest market trends, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyles, and much more.

Meetings Management

Meetings application integrates with your OS to communicate with meetings boards outside your meeting rooms