Digital Signage for Multi Retail Outlets and dealerships

Wauly for Multi Retail Outlets and dealerships

If you have Retail Chains or Auto Dealerships, Wauly brings content management of the TV screens located across all your Multi Retail Outlets and Dealerships under your unified control. You can decide what will play where and also periodically update the content. You can batch multiple screens as per your user demographic and manage their content selectively as well. Our Retail services division will help set-up the screens and also help you with customized solutions.

Wauly Benefits for Dealerships

1. Enhance the buying experience by promoting interactive social media feeds.

2. Easily upload and program product images and videos to promote new models.

3. Showcase positive customer reviews on Instagram, Twitter, and on other social media accounts.

4. Communicate important information like servicing, wait time and news.

Showcase of promoting new and exciting offers and great deals on your brands, engaging prospective customers in a very interactive manner.

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