Partner Programs

With Wauly Partner Programs, we are looking at Partners who will help us distribute, install and maintain our WaulyPods in your respective markets. We live in a collaborative world and see value in partnering with an organization with who can benefit from our services.

Two Partnership Options


Referral Partners

If you are a retail designer, systems integrator, display installer or manufacturer or developer, you will earn a referral fee on all recurring license payments for each New Client you send our way.


If you are a digital Out Of Home network, Digital Signage Company, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Visual merchandiser, you can leverage Wauly’s technology for your or your clients display assets. Take full control over it with improved returns.

✔ Partner with a modern digital signage platform that your clients will love

✔ Earn referral revenue, or have full control over your own business model

✔ Use our powerful Network Dashboard to monitor and control many screens

✔ Begin with a few screens and expand. Resellers get additional licenses on higher tiers

✔ Add Wauly to your line card or service catalogue in just a few steps

Become Wauly Partner

We’ll get in touch and discuss how you can grow with Wauly!

    There is a lot more we can do for your business.