Retail Basks In 'Cloud' Of Change

We live in a time when the virtual and real worlds are fast merging. The lines that differentiated them are now determining our position in the technological world. Customers are being ushered into advanced technology more often than ever before and connecting them in an innovative and effective way becomes necessary to keep them engaged and ensure a sustained organizational growth. The dramatic progress of the online world is creating existential challenges for conventional set-ups in the retail industry.

Waulite Digilink

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, was completing 2 years in office.
As a part of his 2 year celebrations a massive media campaign was initiated to take the accomplishments of his govt to the people of India. The opportunity to connect with more and more Indians through these outlets was considered and a pilot project was initiated to study the same. Waulite Technologies Remote Content Management program was selected to implement the Pilot across all these pumps for a period of 15 days.

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