Digital Signage for Salons

Wauly for Salons

In salons, hair stylists and customers often look at each other through the mirror while communicating. We can give the mirror here a bigger role by making it more productive for the hairstylist and more engaging and satisfying for their customer. Through our enterprise solution designed especially for salons, we help integrate Waulite PlayMirror into the salon environment and support it with applications that provide better referencing and engagement to the customers. Live TV and news feeds are shown along with the message on the screen displaying new products and services offered. Wauly enabled screens in the salon will let you showcase your special merchandise for your clientele. Plug in your social media feeds through the Waulys and let them know how much everyone loves you.

Wauly Benefits for Salons

1. Promote additional products and services to your clients.

2. Show social media feeds with positive comments and experiences

3. Engage clients productively while the hairstylist does their job

4. Promote new offers and special services offered

5. Show in-house marketing contents in the waiting Room TV

Showcase of promoting new and exciting offers and great deals on your brands, engaging prospective customers in a very interactive manner.

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