Wauly – Digital Signage Software

Wauly – Digital Signage Software

We are moving from a print based display to screen based display and Wauly helps you make this transition very enjoyable, easy, cost efficient and environment friendly. Wauly Digital Signage System is a Cloud based software service that enables you to send and control content on any display device from your computer or phone.

Wauly Remote Content Management
Wauly RCM


Wauly is a Cloud based Remote Content Management system that empowers you to manage 1 to a million screens from your unique account @ wauly.co. It’s a very simple and intuitive system, build to give you full control of the contents that will play on your display device. With Wauly, you can create your own video and image playlists. Make any number of these playlists and play your chosen playlist at an appointed time on your screen. And it goes far enough to let you always keep track of what is playing on all the devices in our reporting section.

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