Incredibly Easy to Use and Feature Rich

WaulyPod Features are designed to manage every screen, one or a million - easily and comprehensively…
to help you make the most of your display assets.

Device Management

Add your devices, define them, group your screens, activate/deactivate them and make sure they are all ready and rolling.

Wauly Pod Features


Group multiple display screens according to location, language or any other collective reason and manage content in all of them in one go.

Media Library

Drag and drop or simply add all your content files in our secure cloud library. You can organize them in folders, rename and preview them at ay time.

Media Library
Media Playlist

Create and Manage Playlist

Stitch together playlists using video and image files from your library. Choose the length of playtime for your image files and playlists and preview them anytime.

Screen Content Management

Manage content on any of your screens effortlessly. Pick one or multiple playlist and schedule the time and date to be played on any screen/s.

Screen Content Management
Active Reporting

Active Reporting

Keep a track of what playing and how often they are being played across all your screens. Display and download parked reports when needed.

Display Management

Templatize your screen for multiple feeds. You can split your screen and play specific content in each part. Choose from your playlist, social media, weather or any other feed.


Get your own exclusive dashboard with your logo and colors. Customize for your clients or you own company.

There is a lot more we can do for your business.